Jessica Halem

Jessica Halem and Jen Manion

Alumna Jessica Halem (right) with her partner, Jen Manion

“My time at SLC taught me the power of ensuring important resources are in the right hands,” says Jessica Halem ’94.

During the coronavirus pandemic, she and her partner, Jen Manion, thought a lot about the importance of home. Finally able to afford a down payment, they bought their first house in the place they fell in love—Cape Cod. With a little elbow grease, they now have their own piece of paradise.

For Jessica, having a significant asset that will continue to grow in value—and not having any heirs—meant it was time to invest in an estate plan. They found a law firm specializing in LGBTQ+ families and developed a plan that would help secure their future while also prioritizing their desire to give back.

“We have both benefited from and continue to see the impact of higher education. Designating Sarah Lawrence College to be a significant beneficiary of our estate was important to both of us. Long after we are gone, we know there will be young people who will benefit from the unique liberal arts education and community SLC has always provided,” Jessica says.

“Having an estate plan,” she adds, “means that after we are both gone our assets can make a bigger impact more quickly for Sarah Lawrence and the causes we support.”

To learn more about leaving a legacy at Sarah Lawrence College, contact Gary Carskaddan at 914.813.9221 or