Winnie Rose Scheuer

Winnie Rose Scheuer

Sarah Lawrence prepared me for a life of learning and curiosity, extending the greatest gift a young person can receive: the invitation to think flexibly and globally, beyond singular experience and self. I have many wonderful memories of the College, but it is this I continue to hold dear above all else.

As life has taken me beyond Sarah Lawrence, I find this way of thinking an exception, not the rule, and the dangers of narrow thinking are all too apparent. The value of educating young people to consider thoughtfully, broadly, and beyond themselves is at the core of a Sarah Lawrence education—and should be at the core of every education.

The College has long been included in my estate plans, but the arrival of my son caused me to think beyond my time. I find a deeply personal mission in the continued prospering of the liberal arts, to continue serving young people with the invitation to bend barriers, expand experiences, and consider beyond the measure of themselves.

There is no legacy greater than the Sarah Lawrence invitation to grow as a compassionate, global citizen. As you think about your legacy, I hope you will consider Sarah Lawrence in your plans so that the College may continue to impact young lives for many years beyond our own.

Winnie Rose Scheuer '06
Sarah Lawrence Board of Trustees