Katie Hooper

Katie Hooper

When I started thinking about college, I had no idea where to start. Neither of my parents have college degrees, so they didn't know the first thing about the application process. But they came with me on every college tour, excited about my future, and Sarah Lawrence won us over within minutes of driving up to Westlands Gate.

I knew Sarah Lawrence would be the right fit for me academically, but I had no concept of how my experience on that campus would shape me for years to come. Ten years later and well into my career, I find myself in a role that supports the education and career trajectories of students who will be the first in their families to earn a degree.

A few years ago, I drafted a will. I certainly didn't feel ready for this task, but in tackling it I had the chance to take stock of the people and the organizations I care most about. I'd been giving to Sarah Lawrence what I could each year, so I figured it would be a nice gesture to include my alma mater as a beneficiary.

In the years since I signed that will, a lot has happened. We live in a very different world, and while there are a million different causes and organizations to support, I'm proud to have chosen to leave a portion of my wealth to the one I know will continue to make positive contributions to academia, culture, and society: Sarah Lawrence College.

My Sarah Lawrence education has given me a life of choice and opportunity—something my parents weren't afforded until much later in their careers. I feel at ease knowing that I've put to paper my intention to support a place that empowers students from all backgrounds to embrace their identity and use their voice to effect change.

As you think ahead about your own legacy, I hope you'll join me in making a greater impact for Sarah Lawrence.

—Katie Hooper '08